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Your ultimate store for interactive clothing and +18 content in Second Life! Here, you'll find an incredible array of exclusive items that will take your virtual experience to the next level.

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DUK Apparel is a unique store that stands out for its distinctive approach in the fashion world. Specializing in casual and interactive clothing aimed at an adult audience.

Strunsh Menswear is a store focused on lovers of dark style and alternative men’s fashion. With a striking and dark aesthetic, the store offers an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories that reflect the unique personality of its target audience.
Savoir Boutique is a women’s store that stands out in the streetwear scene. With a special focus on women who want to express their attitude and individuality through urban fashion.
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Our works are meticulously crafted, taking into consideration every detail, resulting in original and exclusive pieces. Specifically designed to stand out in Second Life®.

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The clothes are not only amazing quality but its got a great variety, and one of the first i've seen do interactive which gives a greater aspect to their use and reason. Duk shorts are my favorite, hands down.
Lucas (Just4vibes Resident)
Duk always delivers on exceptional quality and more. The fits are awesome and the mesh and styles are on trend and impeccable. Eye-candy aside, I'm particularly enamored with the interactive options that are such a joy to use! Top-tier for sure!
Jett Shoreman